Katy Perry’s Die-Hard Dedication To Pizza Onesies Makes Our Hearts Melt

So, here's the deal: We'd hang with Katy Perry. She gets us. Somehow, she simultaneously manages to kill it in the style and snacks department by wearing food-themed clothing on the regular—and, dudes, we're not even exaggerating. She's been spotted in the (now iconic) Beloved-brand pepperoni pizza onesie multiple times since her Prismatic Tour kicked off this spring, and it makes us love her even more. (And, also, very hungry.)

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Katy Perry

Yesterday, KP tried to climb the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs Rocky-style (bless her heart), but got bombarded by fans before she could reach her destination. (We're guessing sporting head-to-toe cheese might have had something to do with it.)

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Several weeks ago, she went in full pizza-incognito mode before her Madison Square Garden show in NYC. Question: If KP zips her onesie all the way up, does this officially make her a Hot Pocket?


Katy Perry

After a Barclays show in Brooklyn, Katy posed as a pretty pizza slice next to a fan. Hot.

Then, she drove a dog wild as a human chew toy in the same ensemble.

See Katy wrestle a dog in a pizza costume

And—we're totally counting this too—she sported another all-over pepperoni number for her "This Is How We Do" video. Whew, that's alotta ’za.

Watch Katy's pizza one-piece in action in her "This Is How We Do" music video

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