The Madden Brothers Are Now Making Cream Puffs On Television

Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and ... pastries?

This week, the Madden Brothers ditched their guitars and put on aprons to bake decadent desserts on MasterChef Celebrity Showdown.

On Monday's episode of the show, where celebs battle it out in the kitchen to raise money for their favorite charities, Benji and Joel faced off against NFL twins Tiki and Ronde Barber with an hour to make a box of 12 perfect cream puffs. The Maddens played it cool, knowing that the culinary skills of their wives — Cameron Diaz and Nicole Richie, respectively — have apparently rubbed off on them.

"Both of us are lucky because we married women who are amazing cooks," Benji said in the clip. "Both of us always want to give them a night off or we always want to wow them because they're always cooking every meal for the family."

With freedom to create any flavor, Benji and Joel went for triple espresso and dark chocolate sea salt puffs with a vanilla cream center. This got a surprising cosign from host Gordon Ramsey: "Wow, sounds amazing."

You can catch up on the full episode — and find out if the Maddens left eggshells in their cream puffs — via Fox.