So, It Turns Out Beyonce Still Eats Meat

Bey drops another video.

Beyoncé upset a lot of fans earlier this week when her "major announcement" on "Good Morning America" turned out to be that she swore by the plant-based diet "The 22-Day Revolution."

On Wednesday, she released an extended version of the video announcement we saw on Monday, which features the plan's inventor, Marco Borges, giving an explainer. Maybe this will help fans of Bey come around. Maybe not, though.

The four-minute clip mostly focuses on Borges trying to sell you on the diet -- it's a condensed infomercial, basically -- but there's also the same footage we saw of Bey on "GMA." Plus, a few new words from her. And they're a bit surprising, given the message and tone of the initial announcement.

“Now, you know, I still eat meat and it’s all about balance, but absolutely I make better choices,” she says.

I guess that kind of makes sense, given that the revolution is a 22-day thing. But if it's back to eating meat afterwards, maybe it's not that revolutionary? Or maybe it really is all just about making "better choices."

Not surprisingly (since his most famous follower is eating meat), Borges doesn't sound like he draws a hard line at only eating plants.

"22 Days is about allowing people to define plant-based living the way that works for them," he explains in the video. "Psychologists have learned that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. So if you adopted a healthy habit over the course of 21 days, on the 22nd day, you'd be on to the new habit."

And sometimes you then break that habit. Or change it slightly.

It's all about balance, though.