Emma Stone Reveals Her Secret Talent: An Uncanny Britney Spears Impression

How do we make this happen

Last week, Emma Stone's new Vogue cover was released, forcing all of us to consider whether or not we'd be able to pull off a pixie cut. Today, the magazine released her 73 Questions video, forcing us all to acknowledge we'll never be able to pull off anything as well as Emma Stone.

In addition to sharing what Ryan Gosling is really like and how she'd advise her teenage self, Emma reveals her secret talent: an uncanny Britney Spears impression (it's around 6:50 if you're in a rush for some reason). Seriously, close your eyes, forget you've been watching Emma Stone for almost seven minutes, and it'll feel like Britney's making a cameo.

So I guess now we know who'll star in Britney's biopic? We'll be waiting.