'The Maze Runner': A Spoiler-Filled Breakdown Of The Trailer In GIFs

Watch Dylan O'Brien run forever with our GIFs from the trailer.

Now that we've calmed down ever so slightly from the full reveal of "The Maze Runner" trailer, we're ready to take a GIF-full look into just what it all means. And since we've read the James Dashner novel the movie is based on, here be spoilers.

This is the first scene from the book, too: Thomas (Dylan O'Brien) finds himself on a seemingly never-ending elevator ride (called The Box in the book) that delivers goods to the denizens of The Glade, and sometimes people.

That's Will Poulter as the obnoxious Gally, welcoming Thomas by calling him "Greenie." Since the boys of The Glade have to grow up on their own, they've developed their own, sometimes confusing language.

Speaking of which, Thomas takes in The Glade, the wide open expanse surrounded by The Maze where the Gladers live and work, seemingly without purpose.

Thomas sees a wall of names commemorating those who have lost their lives in the deadly Maze. As Thomas will soon find out, you don't want to be caught in The Maze after dark.

Here's our first look inside the Maze.

Every day, Gladers run through The Maze trying to remember how they ran and comparing their respective maps each day to try and figure out a way to escape.

Our first glimpse at a Griever, the biomechanical monstrosities that patrol The Maze. They're why you don't want to be left out after dark...

...because they eat people.

A scene from later in the movie, when Thomas ends up in The Maze and finds out a rather big secret about why it's so hard to map.

Nothing weird about a countdown counter on a cylinder covered in slime, right? Could there be a limited amount of time left to solve The Maze?

Once again, an indication that The Maze isn't exactly what it seems.

Kaya Scodelario shows up soon after O'Brien, and is the first girl ever in The Glade. She has one more secret, though, which we won't reveal here.

The Gladers set a bonfire to burn something very important to them.

We're getting a glimpse of the major Griever attack late in the book/movie, and things don't seem to be going that well for our Gladers.

Yeah, we're not going to tell you what's happening to Gally here. Sorry.

It's never a good thing when even The Maze starts to collapse.

Never one to follow orders, Thomas enters The Maze for the first time. At night. And as you already know, never enter The Maze after dark...

"The Maze Runner" hits theaters on September 19 from 20th Century Fox.

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