Cibo Matto

I like bass and drum. I don't like ambient jungle. I like jazzy beats.

Cibo Matto Hi. It's Miho from Cibo Matto.

chipple HEY MIHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jamie Konnichiwa Miho! How was your experience at the Tibetan Freedom concert?

Cibo Matto It was my first big concert. The audience was very supportive of us, so I wasn't nervous. The concert was a really good vibe.

Jamie Miho, how did you feel supporting and performing for such a great cause?

Cibo Matto We feel very glad to be a part of the event.

Walleye What are Cibo Matto's plans ? Are you guys going to play with Blues Explosion and Butter 08? That show would probably kill Russell Simmons.

Cibo Matto We are going to make a Christmas cake with Russell Simmons.

Jamie Did you know about the situation in Tibet before?

Cibo Matto No I didn't. I heard about it from Adam Yauch. I had no idea, and I was actually surprised

Walleye How did you come to form a relationship with Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon?

Cibo Matto We did a remix for Yoko.

Walleye It still must be strange -- the whole connection is so close to John Lennon. That casts a great vibe on things I'm sure

Cibo Matto Yoko and Sean have a very easy-going vibe themselves

Michael What is the next in the line of "Conscious Raising" events planned?

Cibo Matto We don't have any as of yet.

Walleye Which project is closer to you Butter or Cibo? I'm sure they are both important but which project comes first?

Cibo Matto Both projects are equally important to me.

Michael I heard the Butter performance from the Royal Flush show at Irving Plaza from SonicNet's site. It was a great performance. How do you feel about your work being digitally transmitted over the Internet?

Cibo Matto The world is changing. It's a good thing. It's amazing, the technology.

Fast Hey Cibo Matto, you guys into hip hop at all?

Cibo Matto We love hip hop. In my walkman right now is Tribe Called Quest "The Low End Theory."

Fast Where are you guys from?

Cibo Matto I was born in Tokyo but I live here in NYC.

Jamie Two very crowded cities. :)

Cibo Matto Yes Jamie, they are. I need noise!

Walleye Miho, do you like the Chemical Brothers?

Cibo Matto I don't know about the Chemical Brothers. I haven't really heard them.

Walleye I was just curios because Mike D. was talking about Goldie and Jungle and I was wondering if you guys were also getting into some of the newer English stuff?

Cibo Matto I like bass and drum. I don't like ambient jungle. I like jazzy beats.

bugs When you performed at the Tibetan Freedom Concert were you really scared of that big stage?

Cibo Matto No we weren't. It's the same to play to 2 people or to a lot of people. You just need to make it jam.

Dania I've got a question... how do you think people are reacting to Hong Kong being reclaimed by China?

Cibo Matto My friend is going to Hong Kong before '98. It's going to change a lot. It's an important city for Japan.

A lot of Japanese tourists go to Hong Kong.

Cibo Matto I am going home and eat pumpkin pie. Thanks for coming.

chipple OK bye Miho :)