You Know Her As JWOWW, But She Could Have Been 'Harley Charlie Farley'

Say that five times fast!

If Beyoncé were a boy, she'd kick it with who she wanted and never get confronted for it.

If JWOWW were a boy, she'd be Harley Charlie Farley.

Ralph Bashir


Jenni Farley, who spent the "Snooki & JWOWW" Season 4 premiere suffering through the ninth month of her first pregnancy, made a rather shocking admission while she and Snooki got acclimated to their new status of next-door neighbors: Her expectant mother had a name all ready in the event Jenni was a boy -- and if the "Jersey Shore” beach babe had been dealt XY chromosomes, she would have been…




Yes, friends -- that's basically Harley Charlie Farley, and JWOWW, for one, didn't love the folk-tale-worthy moniker.

"If my name were Harley Charlie Farley, I'd be destined to be like, a plumber or a mechanic," she says in the clip above. "I don't know what my mother was thinking." We have faith, Jenni!

So what kinda guy do you think HCF would have been? Would he have spent weekends hunting in reflective vests? Spit in an old Bud Light can while dipping with his preferred peach-flavored Skoal? Chased after girls like his female alter ego did boys? Guess we can only dream of such a character...

+ Check out the clip, give us your best fictional insight into Harley Charlie Farley and stay tuned for the next "Snooki & JWOWW" episode Wednesday night at 10/9c!

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