This Is What Happens When You Share A Plane Ride With Kanye West (And You’re Adam Levine)

Levine: 'Kanye West is brilliant.'

What would you do on a long trip to Europe? Some might choose to nap or read a book. Others might watch movies to pass the time. But if you're Kanye West, you apparently ask Adam Levine to make a song with you.

"We were on a flight to the EMAs in Italy, at the time," Levine told Montreality in a video published Tuesday, Jun. 16. "He was on the same plane. I don’t think we had met him yet. We were literally sitting there and he came up to me with his iPod or whatever it was at the time. He was like, ‘Yo, man. How are you doing? I’m Kanye.’

"He was just getting big too," Adam continued. "And he played me this record. Like, ‘Hey, I’ve got this record. Do you want to write a song together?’ On a plane. You know? And I said, ‘Yeah, sure.’ And that was it. The next thing I knew we were in the studio making the record and it was that easy."

What was that song they made? It appears it was 2005's "Heard 'Em Say," a collaboration that left a good impression on Levine. "Kanye West is a genius," Adam said. "I know that he causes different reactions in people. But the bottom line is that he’s brilliant. Love him or hate him, he’s brilliant."

His kind words didn't end there. "He’s a really pure, creative person," Adam added. "I really respect that about him. Everything with him is very legitimate and very real. I love that dude."

Somebody get these two on another plane ride to Europe so we can get another collab from them.

Anyway, it's a good thing Levine is giving Kanye props. The rapper's been fielding a ton of criticism from people who don't want him (or apparently any rap act) to perform at Glastonbury. More than 130,000 people have signed a petition to remove Yeezy as a co-headliner at the festival. But another rock star front man - Foo Fighters' Dave Grohl - has defended Ye's appearance at the event.

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