Bossy Aussies Help Bring 'Cabin in the Woods' Down Under

Those who have seen "The Cabin in the Woods" know it's not just a giant scare factory (though it is), but also a fiendishly clever satiric twist on the horror genre as a whole … "those who have seen" being the operative term.

Unfortunately, not enough people had seen it stateside to warrant a theatrical release from Village Roadshow in Australia, which The Sydney Morning Herald reports was going to send this clever splatter flick direct-to-DVD until a grassroots push from fans has given it a second lease on theatrical life.

A very outspoken social media campaign involving a "Save the Cabin" Facebook page and online petition has resulted in Roadshow giving the movie a limited release in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth on June 6 and a national one on June 14.

"It's the most political thing I've ever done in my life," said Robert Woods, a 26-year-old film editor from Perth who organized the petition. "I want the first time I watch the film to be with a big crowd, going through the experience with me."

While we'd like to think 900 signatures from fans was the deciding factor in this change of heart, there's a much more likely culprit: Joss Whedon. The co-writer/producer of "Cabin in the Woods" has another flick out right now, "The Avengers," that's making mad cheddar at the global box office (in less than a week, 15 times what "Cabin" made), and the distributor probably figures they can cash in on all the ink being spilled over Whedon right now.

Chris Hemsworth, a star of both "Cabin" and "Avengers," is a native Aussie, and that should be another incentive for folks down there to put their Fosters in the fridge and head to the cinema for a truly unique spin on "teens in peril."

Guess "Cabin in the Woods" is the little slasher film that could.