JoJo's New Song Is A Clever, Confident Response To Cancel Culture

'Joanna' marks the launch of her long-awaited new era

JoJo is ready to launch a new era, but first, she has a few things to get off her chest.

As you may remember, the singer reemerged in 2016 with the excellent Mad Love, and then re-recorded and re-released her first two albums at the end of last year, as a way to push back against nagging label roadblocks. Now, her reinvention is finally taking form — she recently swapped labels, and has spent some necessary time processing her past, which we can hear on "Joanna."

The shockingly raw song, which arrived on Friday (October 11), opens with a bluesy guitar riff before making way for JoJo's still-impeccable vocals. "You should date somebody famous, that'll probably put you on the A-list," the 28-year-old sings, mocking the unsolicited advice she constantly receives. "That'll probably get you on them playlists, stop you being so damn underrated." It only gets realer from there: "Where did your acting career go? / You were supposed to be somebody / You were supposed to make more money."

In the accompanying video, it's JoJo who has the last laugh. As she delivers the final lyric — "You should just hurry and drop your new shit — she gives a knowing wink at the camera, hinting that that's exactly what she's about to do.

According to a press release, the reflective new track began as a freestyle, with JoJo echoing the thoughts of her haters and critics, as well as her own doubts. Ultimately, though, it became a commentary on cancel culture. JoJo explains, "For someone to write someone off and tell them when their story ends or what's possible for them is just ridiculous. Anything is possible. You are on a path all your own – I am more confident than ever about mine."

And rest assured, JoJo does indeed have "new shit" on the way — along with dropping "Joanna" on Friday (October 11), she announced a new single, "Sabotage," featuring CHIKA, out on October 25. The singer's upcoming body of work promises to center around her "new-found confidence – both musically and emotionally. There's a lightness, a joy, a sense of satisfaction: JoJo doesn't want to avoid the past, but it's time to open the next chapter." It's what she deserves!