Lady Gaga Trivia: She Appeared On 'The Hills' Alongside Lauren Conrad And Whitney Port!

Remember when Lady Gaga was on "The Hills?" No? That's fine because we've searched deep within the MTV archives and unlocked the September 2008 clip for your enjoyment.

You might be asking yourself: How did we remember that she was on "The Hills?" Well, to be quite honest, we didn't. But, "The City" star Kelly Cutrone did. When she stopped by our offices to chat about her new book, "If You Have to Cry Go Outside," and her new show, "Kell on Earth," the often forgotten Lady Gaga episode was resurrected from reality TV heaven.

"You know Lady Gaga; we put her on 'The Hills.' Do you remember that? Nobody remembers," Kelly said. "MTV has got to take credit for this right now because People's Revolution put Lady Gaga on TV before anybody... She's on there and Lauren or Whitney, I think, they break her jumpsuit and you barely see me on this episode. I was hanging in the backroom."

Now, we of course wanted all the dish and every detail that Kelly could remember about working with Gaga before she was the cultural phenom that she is today. And, Kelly recalls not wanting her to perform at the launch party for Dylan George. But, everyone else did, and as life would have it, Whitney and Lauren would up having to fix Gaga's zipper on her catsuit. The rest is TV history.

Want to check out the scene for yourself? Watch the video above and see all the jumpsuit drama ensue!

So, what did you think of Lady Gaga's "Hills" moment? Do you think she should stop by "The City" next season?

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