Bebe Rexha Flips Off Her Fake Friends In New Video With G-Eazy

Haters to the left

Following their huge hit "Me, Myself & I," Bebe Rexha and G-Eazy have teamed back up for another take-no-bullshit anthem: "F.F.F.," which stands for "Fuck Fake Friends." The song dropped last month, and on Thursday (March 9), we got some visuals to go along with it.

The music video takes place in a weirdly empty apartment complex, where Bebe serves up sass and sings her guts out in exclusively orange and white clothes. G-Eazy joins her in the parking lot, and they take a drive to nowhere presumably to contemplate the authenticity of their friend group.

Who are your ride-or-die best friends? Who's going to leave when someone they think is better comes along? Even celebrities struggle with these questions.

To finish twirling on your haters, watch JoJo and Remy Ma's recent music video for "F.A.B." after you watch the "F.F.F." video above. ("F.A.B." stands for "Fake-Ass Bitches," so clearly there's a lot of impostors hanging around.)