Ryan Reynolds Reportedly Filmed A Scene As Deadpool For 'Logan'

Because he can’t let Hugh Jackman have all the fun, can he?

Fans have been dying for a big-screen team-up between Deadpool and his sexy super X-friend Wolverine for years — and no, X-Men Origins: Wolverine does not count. But the likelihood of seeing Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together on-screen as the Merc with a Mouth and Old Man Logan appeared to dwindle with the confirmation that Logan would be Jackman's final Wolverine film.

However, the joke might be on us. According to The Wrap, Reynolds has filmed a scene as Deadpool for James Mangold's Logan. Say whaaaat.

20th Century Fox

Deadpool Clapping

David Leitch, who was hired to helm Deadpool 2 after director Tim Miller left the project due to creative differences with Reynolds, reportedly directed the new scene, so it sounds like Reynolds's appearance will be post-credits (à la the Thor: Ragnarok scene director Taika Waititi filmed for Doctor Strange). Plus, the quiet, gritty tone Mangold established for Logan doesn't quite gel with the surreal, bombastic nature of Deadpool.

But here's the thing: There's no way 20th Century Fox is going to confirm this news before the movie comes out, so there's no way to be 100 percent certain Reynolds has a Logan cameo. (For what it's worth, Mangold has already denied the Deadpool rumors.) However, the move would make a lot of sense. Reynolds and Jackman have been hyping up this possibility since the record-breaking release of Deadpool, and it would be the perfect way to bridge the two franchises — and the two beloved personalities. If Reynolds does show up at the end of Logan, does this mean Jackman will return the favor in Deadpool 2?

While the Aussie actor has been adamant that he's going to retire his Wolverine claws after Logan comes out, this news gives us hope that maybe he'd reconsider for a cameo in the Deadpool franchise. You know, just to even the score. He can't let that smart-ass Reynolds have all the fun.

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