'Fresh Meat' Forever: Derrick Kosinski Shares #FBF Photograph With Diem Brown

'We miss you D and know you're still watching'

Derrick Kosinski may be competing on his own during The Challenge XXX, but the three-time champ just paid tribute to one of his most memorable teammates.

"Ran into some old school pics the other day #FBF," the Road Rules alum captioned the photograph above with his Fresh Meat partner Diem Brown. "When the spirit lives, the soul never dies. #AngelsOnEarth We miss you D and know you're still watching."

A brief D-squared rewind: The duo forged a special friendship when they were paired up on the 2006 installment. Diem memorably confided in Derrick that she was suffering from ovarian cancer and opened up about her upcoming treatments -- which were scheduled to begin when this once-in-a-lifetime experience ended. Despite Diem's uphill battle to recover, the two performed well throughout the Australia-based program -- and ultimately finished in fourth place (narrowly missing the finals). From there, Diem revealed her positive prognosis at the Fresh Meat reunion -- and during subsequent years, they both competed on The Duel and The Ruins. Diem sadly lost her battle with cancer in 2014 at the age of 34.

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