Kylie Jenner's Lip Kit Packaging Is Everything You'd Expect It To Be

Slowly but surely, we're learning more about what exactly Kylie Jenner's lip kit will entail. So far, we know that Kylie has been working on creating the perfect shades (including a dark, matte brown) and that her mom was the one who talked her into creating the kit when she thought that no one would buy it (lol, Kylie).

Thanks to her new website and app though, we're learning even more about her upcoming business venture. During a tour of Kylie's living room she showed us a blown up picture of her own lips with an indiscernible white liquid poured over them.

"This picture is of my lips for the Kylie lip kit," she explained. "I shot it a few months ago and I'm using it as the picture for my Kylie lip kit packaging."

While we still have no idea when that package will actually be out, we'll stay pressed to Kylie's website in case she decides to slyly drop more tidbits of information on her lip kit again.

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