The Perfect Present: 'Teen Mom 2''s Chelsea Has Baby Layne...On Her Own Birthday

The DeBoers are now a party of five!

Chelsea’s husband Cole isn't just a “Prince Charming” -- he’s also pretty much a prophet, as he predicted that their baby girl would be born on Chelsea’s birthday. And as we witnessed on tonight’s Teen Mom 2, he was right!

A very-pregnant Chelsea began the episode “walking around like a time bomb,” five centimeters dilated and ready to give birth at any moment.

“I’m pretty sure she’s coming tonight,” Cole said when Chelsea recapped their doctor’s appointment to her mom Mary. “That’s your birthday present tomorrow morning.”

And sure enough, the next morning, she was ringing in the big 2-7 while in labor and driving with Cole to the hospital. After dropping Watson off with Cole’s mom — Chelsea gave her son an “emotional” smooch at the doors of the hospital — we saw Chelsea suffer through contractions, squeeze Cole’s hand for dear life and, eventually, push. Little Layne Ettie then made her grand entrance, went into her papa's arms, and soon met big sister Aubree and big brother Watson.


“Oh my God, I got two girlies with the same birthday,” Cole said. Welcome to a lifetime of double the presents celebrations, DeBoers!

Send your best wishes to the family of five -- then tune into Teen Mom 2 Mondays at 9/8c for more.

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