Will Nick Young And Iggy Azalea Get Married? Only If She Passes His ’12 Step Program’

Good news: she's already two steps in!

Real talk: it can be really effin’ hard to determine if the person you’re dating is “The One” with whom you’re destined to grow old and senile. Contrary to a lot of rom-coms and Disney movies, it’s rarely as simple as a deep-down ~feeling~ and sometimes, you just have to put your relationship to the test.

For some people, that means forcing your SO to pass a Beyoncè trivia test. For others, like Nick Young, that means putting your potential wifey through a 12 step program.

Wait, what?! Weird as it may sound, the Lakers star admitted in a recent interview with Flaunt that he’s making his girlfriend, Iggy Azalea, go through a “12 step program” before he puts a ring on it. Apparently, dating for over a year, meeting each other's parents, and buying a house together isn’t enough proof enough for Swaggy P.

Needless to say, our curiosity is peaked about what exactly Young’s program entails. Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal the entire 12 steps but he DID open up about the first two.

First, Iggy cooks for him — and apparently makes a mean pork chop sandwich. Second, she cleans up after him. Interviewer J. Winters wrote, “When the bedroom got messy and he got annoyed, he would go to practice and come back to a clean house.”

Honestly, we're hoping Iggy has a "12 step program" of her own for Young to pass -- otherwise, this is all just a little too weird. In any case, Young said Iggy’s “doing pretty good” with the program, so maybe marriage is in their immediate future after all. Only 10 more steps to go!