Zack Snyder Confirmed A 'Batman V Superman' Easter Egg The Entire Internet Missed

Joe Shuster would be proud

It's been nearly six months since Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered, but it still took us that long to finally notice one particular Easter egg. In the film, there's a shot of a broken window with an unusual shape. Since we were too busy focused on Wonder Woman kicking ass, we totally missed it — but Twitter user @mas_critical didn't.

On Thursday (September 8), he or she tweeted out a query for director Zack Snyder, still photographer Clay Enos, and cinematographer Larry Fong.

The Twitter user pointed out that the broken glass is "only seen from Superman's angle twice and never from Batman's." Eventually, Enos answered and confirmed the fun little Easter egg via Snyder.

For those of you who don't get why glass shaped like the province of Ontario matters, here's a quick history lesson. Toronto-born Joe Shuster co-created Superman with Jerry Siegel in 1938, so the glass is an homage to his legacy. It's Easter eggs like this that are the most rewarding to spot, in my opinion. Obvious Easter eggs such as Robin's old costume are cool and all, but the fact that it took us nearly half a year to find this one makes it extra special.