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New 'Pretty Little Liars' Promo Reveals Hanna's Mystery Fiancé And 6 More Clues

Hanna's not engaged to Caleb, after all.

"Pretty Little Liars" just dropped a game-changing new promo for Season 6B, and we've managed to round up the biggest clues from the "5 Years Forward" teaser.

After five A-free years away from Rosewood, the Liars -- Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily -- find themselves at the mercy of another psycho stalker when they come back to testify on Charlotte's behalf. But this time, the Liars aren't afraid to fight back. Here are the biggest takeaways from the new look:

Hanna isn't engaged to Caleb.

Hanna Engaged PLL

Hanna is seen kissing a handsome mystery man -- and it's NOT our favorite hacker, Caleb. Does this mean their romance fizzled in the Big Apple? And if so, why is Caleb back in Rosewood... hanging out with Spencer? Don't get us wrong. Spencer and Caleb have one of our favorite dynamics on the show, but Haleb is meant to be. If he's in Rosewood, then there's a chance he returned to help Hanna and the Liars, which means he obviously still has feelings for Hanna. Hopefully, Spencer will help them both come to their senses. We don't care how nice that rock -- or that mystery man -- is; he's NOT Caleb and he has to go.

"Do you think they're still upset with me?"


The Liars return to Rosewood to testify in front of the court on Charlotte's behalf. It seems Charlotte has spent the last five years getting the help she needs, but she cannot be released unless the Liars testify on her behalf. Ali writes the Liars to tell them she needs their help getting Charlotte out of her current situation -- and the Liars have to decide if they're comfortable telling another lie for Ali. Because the truth is the Liars are still scared of Charlotte and what she's capable of. Seeing as Charlotte threatened their lives on more than one occasion and literally mentally and physically tortured them, it's not like we blame them.

A new Big Bad emerges.

ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars finale

Proving that, once again, helping Ali only leads to misery, the Liars start receiving new text messages from a blocked number after Charlotte's hearing. "You know what you did and I’m going to make you talk" the text on Aria's phone reads. WHAT DID YOU DO, ARIA? Maybe it has something to do with the security footage Aria doesn't want anyone to see. It's time to dust off those "Aria is A" theories.

Melissa is back!

ABC Family

Melissa Hastings on Pretty Little Liars

Melissa Hastings is back and dropping truth bombs all over Rosewood in her signature, cold-hearted style. "We all have a past, Hanna," Melissa says. "Aren't you curious what she’s going to use against you?" Well, yes, of course, but we're also pretty curious about you, Melissa. Also, don't think we didn't notice that both Hanna and Melissa are dressed in black. Might it be time for another Rosewood funeral? (Answer: YES.)

Angry Ezra.

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Ezra, PLL

A lot can happen in five years. Just ask Ezra. "I know why you did what you did," Aria tells Ezra. "Now I will do whatever it takes to help you." Is Ezra finally the reclusive author he's destined to be? He is rocking a shady beard... We think whatever Ezra and Aria are hiding might have to do with Ezra's new book. We know Ezra has always wanted to write a true crime novel, and we also know he's down to do some unethical stuff to get the story. Maybe it's all catching up to poor Ezra? It seems like the other Liars might not be on #TeamEzra anymore. The most shocking moment in the promo happens when the normally calm, cool and collected Ezra SCREAMS at the girls to get out of his apartment. Hmmm. What did you do, Mr. Fitz?

This new Big Bad means business.

PLL Toby and Emily

In one scene, we see Emily being held down in a hospital bed. This could be a nightmare fueled by her PTSD, or this could mean Emily is in major trouble this season. Either way, we hate to see our girls in pain, emotional or otherwise.