Hayley Williams Reaches Her Breaking Point In Paramore’s ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ Video

See the band go full-on 'Anchorman'

Sometimes things aren’t as they seem, and that’s definitely the case in Paramore’s clever new video for “Rose-Colored Boy.”

In the Warren Fu-directed vid, the band portrays a retro TV news team — of Wake Up! Roseville — who deliver the cheeriest headlines with the flashiest (and phoniest) smiles. As is usually the case, there’s darkness and anxiety brewing beneath the surface, and it doesn’t take long before lead anchor Hayley Williams reachers her breaking point. After encountering her younger self, she has an epiphany that leads to an all-out rage — and that’s the part of the video you’re definitely going to want to see. (And if that isn't enough to make you hit "play," there's also a cute, weather-predicting puppy in it!)

“Rose-Colored Boy” is the fourth single from Paramore’s excellent 2017 album, After Laughter. The trio is currently on tour overseas, and will hit the festival circuit — headlining Boston Calling and Bonnaroo in the U.S. — this summer.