Will Smith Hacked Off Jaden Smith’s Dreads And Now They Are His Trophy

Dads gonna dad

Kids say they darndest things or whatever, but parents take the darndest selfies when they're trying to be cool and with it and not at all hugely nerdy and embarrassing.

Will Smith is no exception to this rule, Fresh Prince pedigree be damned.

Jaden Smith is getting ready to start shooting Life in a Year, which also stars Cara Delevingne and Terrence Howard, and his part in the forthcoming feature film requires the ditching of his dreadlocks. His dad was happy to help out, from the looks of it.

If Will didn't use scissors to snip off Jaden's dreads, what did he use? A knife? A razor? The sharp blade of sheer wit?

Whatever instrument he chose, it did the job, as Jaden is now sporting a much shorter look, and Will is now trying Jaden's dreads on for his himself.

Again: Dads gonna dad.