Will Baby Bash Show Up On Wiz Khalifa's 'Blacc Hollywood' Tracklist?

Wiz talks 'Blacc Hollywood' and plans for Under the Influence of Music Tour.

Wiz Khalifa is getting ready to go full throttle. The Pittsburgh rapper is prepping a new mixtape called 28 Grams that he'll drop shortly, and that will be followed by his much anticipated third major label album Blacc Hollywood.

Thus far he's dropped the single "We Dem Boyz," without revealing a full tracklist for the project -- but there's a pretty good chance that his son Sebastian "The Bash" Taylor Thomaz, will end up on the record.

"I always put my baby Amber on there, and Sebastian -- he's been coming to the studio more and more lately so it's hard to keep him out of the booth," Wiz told MTV News after his Hangout Festival set this weekend.

No details on exactly how Bash will be featured (baby's first words?), but Wiz confirmed that the project is ready to drop as soon as he pulls the trigger.

"It's all the way done, it's finished, there's nothing else to be done," he confirmed. "I have a release date but we've got the tour coming up, so it's just about putting everything into place before we let people know, but just know that it's gonna come and it's gonna be big."

The Taylor Gang rapper recently struck up a friendship with legendary singer, Charlie Wilson, but unfortunately he won't end up on the LP.

"I haven't gotten a chance to work with him yet, but I text him all the time just to see how he's doing and say 'what's up.' We connected just talking about married life, so he gives me tips on that and hopefully we can get some music done too, but I ain't trippin'."

After 28 Grams, the next big item on Wiz's list is the Under the Influence of Music Tour, which kicks off in July, with Jeezy and Tyga.

"I stuck with the [tour] title because that's a lifestyle and it's just a feeling that we like to give every summer," he explained. "[With] Jeezy and Tyga -- everybody I bring on tour I'm a huge fan of, and it just so happens that those dudes are down and willing to get on the Young Khalifa tour and make this what it's supposed to be."

"The energy combined, with all of our fans and all of our catalogs, makes for the best experience," he said.

With so much going on, Wiz will still find time to film "Mac & Devin Go To High School 2" with Snoop Dog at the end of June. It's gonna be a busy year.