Will Future 'Avatar' Movies Focus On Pandora's Neighboring Moons?

Even Cameron himself has thought about the prospects of further "Avatar" installments. In an interview with Hero Complex, the director revealed that future sequels could involve Pandora's neighboring moons and even the central planet, known as Polyphemus.

"The planet in Pandora's sky is called Polyphemus and it's the primary for a system of moons, just like in our solar system, Jupiter has fifty some moons and they're discovering smaller ones all of the time," said Cameron.

"We have some story ideas for how to branch out into other moons of Polyphemus and the Alpha Centauri A solar system," he continued. "But we've got to make some money with this movie first before we think about the sequel."

Luckily, money isn't too much of a concern given "Avatar's" recently proven financial success. The question, then, is how an "Avatar" sequel might explore the many moons surrounding Polyphemus other than Pandora. The answer could be contained within the pages of "Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide," the movie's companion novel written by Maria Wilhelm and Dirk Mathison.

In the chapter on Pandora's astronomy, Wilhelm and Mathison write: "Clouds and oceans were visible on several of the moons larger than 6437 KM in diameter. Remote sensing revealed nitrogen-oxygen atmostpheres on the fifth and sixth moons; this type of atmosphere could only be produced by carbon-cycle life forms."

Perhaps the fourth and sixth moons will be the subject of the next "Avatar" films. Do these moons contain new sources of unobtanium for Earth's population? Is there yet another indigenous race ready and waiting to protect their land from humanity?

Personally, my biggest concern would be getting Jake Sully and his Na'vi compatriots from one planet to the next. As all-powerful as the winged Toruk is, I doubt even he could fly Jake and the others from planet to planet.

Of course, none of these sequel ideas are set in stone, especially considering that future movies haven't even been announced yet. Should "Avatar" continue its current wave of success, however, it might not be long before we learn about Jake Sully's next adventure.

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