Justin Bieber Double-Fists Milk At Subway For Some Reason

A growing boy needs his milk

Justin Bieber eats at Subway just like your average Grammy-less civilian. But something less average about him is just how much milk he needs to wash down a footlong.

According to The Daily Mail, Bieber was spotted at a Subway in West Hollywood on Thursday (September 1). When his credit card was mysteriously declined at the register, a fan stepped in and paid for his lunch — which amounted to a sub, some cookies, and four bottles of milk.

Yes, four. Four bottles of milk. Four bottles of milk for Grammy award-winning singer and growing boy Justin Bieber. That's 48 ounces of milk, or 1.42 liters of milk, or most of a two-liter soda bottle. Of milk.

Why does Justin Bieber need four bottles of milk? Who can honestly drink that much milk in one sitting? Does he dunk his cookies so thoroughly that they soak up six ounces of milk apiece? Is he suffering from a calcium deficiency? Is Justin Bieber secretly nursing a baby cow at his L.A. lake house? Is Justin Bieber secretly a baby cow?

We may never know the answers to these questions, but thanks to the generosity of an unnamed fan, Justin Bieber has all the milk he needs today.

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