Joe Jonas Got A New Rope Tattoo, And It's Dedicated To His Family! (PHOTO)

Joe Jonas' new tattoo is dedicated to his family. CUTE.

Joe Jonas is a family man (we know that term is generally about loving your kids, but we're using it loosely because Joe loves his fam!), and now he's got the ink to prove it. Joe got a brand-new tattoo last night, and the whole design was basically inspired by his genealogy. On three: "AWWWWW."

Joe was pretty psyched about his new ink (rightly so), and tweeted a photo of his custom design and the meaning behind it out to all his fans: "Two ropes (two parents) makes four ends (four brothers)." Get it? So so the two ropes equal his mom and dad and each of the four ends represents each of the four Jonas Brothers (let's not forget that Joe, Kevin, and Nick have a little brother named Frankie). Way to be fierce (i.e. having some dude you don't know stick needles in your arm to make a permanent mark) and emotional (i.e. dedicating said permanent mark to your family) at the same time, Joe!

Photo credit: Joe Jonas' Instagram

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