Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra's Extravagant Wedding Will Serve As Inspo For An Upcoming Comedy Flick

Their nuptials are headed to the big screen

Priyanka Chopra has many exciting projects in the works. Not only is she returning to Bollywood for the first time since 2016 with her upcoming film The Sky Is Pink, but she's also been busy developing what Variety previously described as a "wedding comedy" with Mindy Kaling. With so much going on, it's hard to fathom how the Quantico star has time to discuss it at all. But while speaking to Newsweek, Chopra dished some pretty juicy details about what people can expect from her flick with the actress and writer.

Although there's still a lot we don't know about the movie, Chopra told Newsweek that the film — previously described by Variety as "Crazy Rich Asians meets My Big Fat Greek Wedding" — is actually "based [on and] inspired from my wedding." This wasn't the first time Chopra opened up about the project either, revealing to MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz in September that the idea stemmed from the moment Nick Jonas and his family arrived in India for their elaborate wedding.

"[It's] a buddy comedy about these two people and best friends, but what happens when one of them comes to India," she explained. "And it really came from my wedding [and] what happened when Nick’s family arrived in India and their perspective of everything Indian. And it was just so funny when Mindy and I were talking about what happens when Indian families meet and the little things that come from it, so the movie came from that."

Speaking of their wedding, Chopra also revealed to Newsweek that their nuptials were actually heavily planned by Jonas himself. "All the last-minute prep, the heavy lifting, for the wedding, Nick did," she said, explaining that she was neck-deep in work for The Sky Is Pink. "He came down early and he did all the prep with my mom. He said that I'd committed to the movie and I should focus on that and he didn't want me to be distracted. It's wonderful to have a partner like that."

Soon, all of Chopra's hard work on the Hindi-language film will finally come to fruition when it hits theaters globally. The movie tells a 25-year love story through the eyes of a couple's teenage daughter, and Chopra couldn't be more delighted that this film will mark her return to her Bollywood roots. "This year I took on three feature roles," she said. "So I'm really excited to be back in work and excited to be back in Hindi cinema. Everything that I know I've learned [in Hindi cinema] and it's my first love."

The Sky Is Pink hits theaters this Friday, October 11.

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