Watch J. Cole And Ryan Coogler's Earnest Discussion About Race

From this week's #MLKNOW.

If you weren't in the room for the #MLKNOW event on Monday (Jan. 18), and didn't catch the live stream, there's a good chance all you knew about J. Cole and Ryan Coogler's conversation at the event was that the director inadvertently publicly revealed that the rapper is married.

As it turns out, their conversation (obviously) tackled far more than that 30-second clip revealed. On Friday (Jan. 22), the full version of their talk hit the 'net, and there's a lot that touches beyond Jermaine's personal life.

They talk extensively about race and racial inequality, delving into topics like lost friends and loved ones, how they gauge success and whether turning within or questioning the system should be the starting point. There's even some light disagreement in their perspectives, which makes the conversation all the more enlightening.

You'll hear that, at the beginning of the sit down, Cole talks about having just seen a fellow artist perform one of his songs for the first time. That song was "Be Free," and that artist was Anika Noni Rose. Check it out below.

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