Jim Jones Wants Diplomats Reality Show, Reunion Album In 2012

Jones tells 'RapFix Live' he wants the Harlem group's comeback album to roll out with a reality show documenting their recording process.

Fans have waited eight years for a third Diplomats album, what's another few months? If Jim Jones has his way, the long-awaited Diplomatic Immunity 3 will be out by the end of the year. "Real soon; might be the fourth quarter," the Dipset Capo said when he appeared on "RapFix Live" on June 13.

Long after the group [article id="1638342"]broke up[/article], Jim, Cam'ron, Juelz Santana and Freekey Zekey announced two years ago that they would be coming back together and dropping a new album. The crew did reunite onstage this past weekend as Drake's special guests during his concert at Jones Beach in New York, but the LP is still a ways off.

"Me and Killa has been working diligently together and recording and things like that. So, everything is moving not as fast as everybody else would want it to, but it's moving just on time for us," Jim said, referencing he and the group's lead MC Cam'ron. "The Diplomat album is definitely in the works."

There is a single in the pipeline, Jim briefly spoke on the Lil Wayne-assisted "Have You Ever Made Love to a Diplomat," but didn't say when fans will be able to hear it.

If Jones had his way, the roll-out for the Harlem group's comeback album will begin with a fall reality show documenting the quartet's recording process. The program would then lead up to a December release for the LP. It's all very hypothetical at the moment, Jones said.

Group member Juelz Santana has been facing some legal trouble after a 2011 arrest following a raid on his New Jersey recording studio. He was charged with four counts of narcotic and weapon offenses. "They charged me with the firearms," Elz said when he appeared on[article id="1665935"]"RapFix Live"[/article] last June. "They didn't charge me with trying to sell, but they put out a statement making it seem like I was selling weed out of my studio, which is preposterous. Dime bags? I got a phantom and a Bentley outside of my studio; I'm not selling dime bags. That sh-- is just crazy."

The drama has affected Santana's musical output, but Jones insists that he's been working. "It's hard when you have a break after another break and things start to pile up on you," Jim said of his buddy. "In this past two months he's been recording like a beast, so I know for sure he has like 30-something songs done."

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