Will Heidi Montag Title Her Album 'I'm Pregnant'?!

'It's like a group of rocks. They're all rocks, but they're so different,' 'Hills' star says of LP.

Heidi Montag is about a month away from the release of her album, and she's mulling over a few potential titles for the record, which hits stores on September 29 -- and which fans got a preview of when Heidi performed [article id="1619430"]"Body Language" during the Miss Universe[/article] pageant on Sunday.

"My album is called 'I'm pregnant'!" she joked to MTV News. "No! It's just one of the names we're thinking about. It's unbelievable. I have a lot of songs on it. Every song I love."

Heidi further explained that the album is a musical journey for her and for her fans, spanning all different types of musical genres. "It's different. Not every song is in the same genre. Some are more pop. Some are more ballady. Some are a little more rock. Some are a little bit edgier, but they all go together in some way. It's like a group of rocks. They're all rocks, but they're so different."

It seems that one of the songs is about a friendship gone wrong. And although Heidi never says the words Lauren Conrad, the plot of the song seems oddly familiar.

"One of [the ballads] is 'No More.' And that was just about: no more for me and myself, I can only take so much I can only be treated a certain way. And that wasn't about a guy, necessarily," she said. "It's more about a friendship. It was just 'no more.' And 'enough is enough.' "

She goes on to describe the songs as "fun" noting that soon fans can see her music video for "Body Language." And she promises that this time Spencer Pratt won't be the video's director.

"I'll have a lot of music videos coming out. My first music video will be 'Body Language' [and] that will be coming out really soon. And I'm going to make a real music video this time," she said. "I'm thinking about Matthew Rolston [to direct it]. I know he's always really believed in me. He really wants to be a part of it."

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