Big Boi Wanted To 'Seek And Destroy' On 'Sir Lucious Left Foot'

'I'm an MC, first and foremost,' the Outkast rapper tells MTV News of evolution from 2003's solo 'Speakerboxxx.'

Big Boi's Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty is billed as the Outkast rapper's proper solo debut, but the Atlanta MC actually released a solo collection years ago, if you count his and Andre 3000's double disc Speakerboxxx/The Love Below.

The 2003 project was divided into solo sets from Big and Dre, and both rappers scored number-one hits from their respective albums. Still, while Big had technically recorded that collection on his own, he says his approach to this year's [article id="1643175"]Sir Lucious Left Foot[/article] was distinctly different because instead of releasing an LP that was an extension of the Outkast sound, this time, it was all about showcasing the Atlanta MC's lyrical ability.

"With Speakerboxxx, it was more so, just for that time," Big Boi told MTV News.

"That's where I was at in that time. Each album is like a time capsule, so it captures your life from the last time they heard you. With Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, we were coming off of Stankonia. Some time had passed and that's where I was at musically, as an artist. I wanted to express my life in those particular ways. I talked a lot about relationships; I was going through a lot of different things. With this record right here, it was more seek and destroy. I'm an MC, first and foremost."

Big Boi explained that with the array of projects he currently has his hands in -- from movies to developing new talent -- listeners should be careful to not forget his foundation.

"What people got to remember is that I'm [article id="1643061"]Big Boi from Outkast,"[/article] he said.

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