'Hangover' Star Ed Helms Explains Bill Clinton 'Cameo'

'He came and visited us. I'd be surprised if there's a scene in the movie,' Helms said.

PARK CITY, Utah -- Bad news for [article id="1652217"]"Hangover"[/article] fans looking forward to seeing former president Bill Clinton make a cameo appearance in the film's upcoming sequel "The Hangover, Part 2": The movie's star Ed Helms said it's not going to happen. Despite reports in November stating the contrary, Helms told MTV News at the Sundance Film Festival that Clinton's visit to the Thailand set was merely that, and it probably won't result in a film appearance.

The rumor started when People magazine reported that Clinton had stopped by the set of the Todd Phillips film when he was in Thailand giving speeches on clean energy and meeting with world leaders. But, according to Helms, it was misreported that Clinton actually shot a scene for the movie.

"He came and visited us," Helms told MTV. "I'd be surprised if there's a scene in the movie."

Clinton was just one of many stars who reportedly have shot cameos for the film. After [article id="1650987"]Mel Gibson's cameo[/article] as a Bangkok tattoo artist fell through, [article id="1650640"]Liam Neeson[/article] replaced him in the role. It was also announced that Paul Giamatti would join the cast in Thailand to film a small role, and "Real World: San Diego" alum Jamie Chung will be playing Helms' onscreen fiancé. Last but not least, [article id="1640860"]Mike Tyson[/article] is returning in a role that's become much more than just a simple cameo.

"We had a good time," Helms said about working with Tyson again. "A little bit of a reunion of sorts."

Though Helms did break our hearts with the news that the Clinton cameo won't actually happen, he did have a bit of information to share about the film's notoriously secret plot. He explained that the film is "almost real time from the first movie to this one," leading us to believe that part two will pick up two years after "The Hangover" ended. That sounds like a good opportunity to explain why Helms' character, Stu, dumped his stripper-with-a-heart-of-gold girlfriend (played by Heather Graham) and is marrying Chung instead.

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