And They're Off: The 'Jersey Shore' Gang Is Going On A 'Family Vacation' To...

Hint: The MTV gang has traveled there before!

Eight years ago, the Jersey Shore guys/gals went down south for some drama fun in the sun. And now, this same spot serves as the destination for their upcoming family vacation! Presenting Pauly D sharing the special and sentimental spot:

That's right, Deena, Pauly D, JWOWW, Vinny, Ronnie, Nicole and The Situation are traveling to Miami for the returning MTV series, the network just announced. Flashback to Season 2: The "anonymous note," some unforgettable brawls and sterilizing the Smush Room. And of course, plenttttttttty of GTL.

Stay with MTV News as the gang gets ready to head to Florida, and share your favorite Jersey Shore moments from their previous adventures in the Sunshine state in the comments! And for a dose of nostalgia, check out the old-school clip, below, from the roommates' first day in South Beach back in 2010.