Santana Says He Was Molested As A Child

Guitarist told Rolling Stone an American man abused him for two years.

Grammy-winning guitarist Carlos Santana reveals in the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone magazine that he was sexually abused as a child. An American man who gave him presents brought him across the border from Tijuana, Mexico, and molested him "almost every other day" between the ages of 10 and 12, he told the magazine. "My first encounter with sexuality was not a pleasant one or romantic or tender or wonderful," he is quoted as saying in the March 16 issue. "It was more like a shock kind of thing; gross, disgusting shock." At his wife's urging, Santana entered therapy in 1995 to help him deal with the abuse. "You want to get angry with yourself for not knowing better," he reportedly said. "The mind has a very insidious way of making you feel guilty: You're the guilty party, shame on you, you're the one who brought this on yourself." Santana tied a record Michael Jackson set in 1983 when his namesake band won eight Grammys in one night last week for the star-studded, chart-topping LP Supernatural.

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