Evanescence's Amy Lee Knows You're Watching Her On YouTube

Singer is 'overwhelmed' by the response to a live recording of new song 'Find A Way.'

Evanescence singer Amy Lee has been keeping busy while her band battles its former label, Wind-Up Records, [article id="1720104"]recording a score[/article] for the upcoming indie film "War Story."

As she told MTV News, the majority of that music is atmospheric, as she and composer Dave Eggar concentrated on building "walls of sounds ... blaring cellos and trombones and synthesizers ... a lot of ominous tones." But the film does feature one brand-new song from her, an electronic track called "Push The Button," and it's not the only thing she's been working on in recent months.

As any Evanescence fan is surely aware of, at a Wellspring House benefit show late last year, Lee premiered a song called "Find a Way," and footage of the performance has been making the rounds on YouTube ever since.

It's the first bit of music her fans have been able to hear since Ev's 2011 [article id="1672356"]self-titled album[/article], and Lee is aware that the demand for new songs is at an all-time high. Which is why the notorious perfectionist -- during our interview, she made sure to point out that the track is not called "I'll Find a Way" ("Only I would care," she laughed) -- doesn't mind if it only exists in low-quality form. She just wants you to know that the real version of the song is much, much better.

"I originally wrote that for another film, and I love it. It's a really cool song, it's epic," she said. "The acoustic version we recorded isn't the full idea, but I think it's beautiful, and I was excited to show it to my friends at the Wellspring concert, which had a real living-room environment, and I've been overwhelmed by the YouTube response too."

So when -- if ever -- will we get to hear that "epic" version of the song? That's a good question ... one Lee doesn't really have an answer for. At the moment, she's focused on continuing her film score work with Eggar, and playing a handful of shows like the Wellspring benefit, where she shares the stage with her closest friends. Which means that, if you're expecting an Evanescence update, well, here it is:

"We've just been doing our own things for now," Lee said. "And after doing that benefit concert with Paula Cole for Wellspring House, it really inspired me. We did a whole show, really outside my comfort zone, like six covers, and they were all different for me. But in my heart, it reminded me of playing in my living room with my dad, growing up. Doing Beatles songs and Carole King and Neil Young. It was really freeing and fun."