'American Horror Story' Finally Revealed The Man In The Piggy Mask

It all goes back to ‘Murder House’

While I wouldn't call Jether Polk (Finn Wittrock) the "most fucked up character" in American Horror Story history — I still think that honor belongs to Dr. Arthur Arden in Asylum — he does come pretty damn close. Wittrock's hillbilly cannibal picked apart Lee's leg like it was beef jerky, and that's just unsettling no matter how you look at it. (But you probably shouldn't look at it because it's gross.)

Jether's time on AHS may have been short-lived, but he was the catalyst for two major Roanoke reveals: Not only did he get Lee to confess to her husband's murder, but he also revealed the Piggy Man's origins. Surprise! Piggy Man is a Polk.


Piggy Man

His named was Kincaid Polk, and as Jether described, "He used to take the hogs to slaughter in Chicago." (Sound familiar?) Upon the arrival of the World's Fair in 1893, Kincaid decided that he didn't just want to slaughter hogs; he wanted to slaughter people too. So that's when the Piggy Man was born. Of course, we already knew this because way back in Season 1, Eric Stonestreet's character, Derrick, explained the Piggy Man's origins — but at the time, it was hard to tell if what he was spewing was real or born out of his piggy paranoia.

So now we know that the Piggy Man is indeed real, and that he's a Polk. If only we knew how he came to be a ghost under the Butcher's control on the sacred Roanoke grounds — but at this point in the season, we're just going to roll with it.



Kincaid wasn't the only Piggy Man in "Chapter 8." The morning after Lee and Audrey left Dominic to be horribly murdered by the real Piggy Man, their escape plan was sidelined by another Piggy Man — a faux Piggy Man played by one of the My Roanoke Nightmare actors, Dylan (Wes Bentley). Here's hoping Bentley gets to do more than mumble through pithy dialogue this time around.

The most logical assumption is that Sidney hired Dylan to scare the Three Days in Hell house guests during production, but seeing as the Butcher and her fellow hostile ghosts have littered the front yard with dead bodies, why wouldn't Dylan run screaming? Sure, maybe he thought it was all part of the show, but how daft do you have to be to not know a real body from a fake one?! Oh, right: He's an actor.

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