Battle Of The Sexes: Whose Side Are You On After The Latest 'MTV Floribama Shore'?

Look, 'everyone' gets a little cranky when they're hungry

The ocean isn't the only thing that's salty.

Tonight's episode of MTV Floribama Shore saw the housemates at each other's throats after the guys decided they'd dealt with enough crap from their female counterparts. The catalyst for their latest blowup? Chicken — because there's zero reasoning with people who are hangry.

To recap: After the guys worked hard cooking and seasoning the bird, they told Aimee and Nilsa it was ready (Candace was asleep, and Kortni was probably off peeing somewhere). But rather than get their own food, the girls requested plates be brought to them from their perch in the pool. The boys ignored their request, said they could get it themselves and continued chowing down. When the ladies objected, Kirk let loose a loud string of expletives: "We tell you food's done, come get the f**king food. You don't get the f**king food, the food gets f**king ate. That's how it f**king works."

Then Jeremiah, who claims the girls constantly "act entitled," piped up, "If you don't respect the fact that I'm cleaning and cooking for your asses, then you don't have any respect for me."

Aimee, in all her princess-mermaid-goddess glory, felt blindsided by the men and proceeded to light her calming Jesus candles.

Nilsa agreed about their house being divided: "I feel like we're kids on a playground, and it's literally girls against boys."

The unexpected Floribama battle of the sexes was soon squashed when Aimee made everyone her famous (and colon-cleansing) taco soup, and the housemates sat down for a good old-fashioned family meal. Yep, food started this argument... and then it ended it (for now).

But who's more in the right here — the girls or the guys? Cast your vote in the poll below, share your take in the comments and catch an all-new MTV Floribama Shore Monday at 10/9c.

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