Katy Perry Says 'Peacock' Is 'The World's Biggest Innuendo'

'I'm always looking for that one thing that's really normal that you can make twisted,' singer says.

[artist id="3274550"]Katy Perry[/artist] isn't exactly the queen of nuance. In her [article id="1641637"]"California Gurls" video[/article] she appeared wearing a bra that squirted whipped cream. Oh yeah, she was also naked. So on "Peacock,"the cheerleader anthem off [article id="1638865"]Teenage Dream,[/article] when she asks her dude to show her his peacock, she doesn't mean his brightly colored feathers, if you know what we mean.

What "Mickey" did for unrequited love, Perry is certainly trying to do for harassing dudes into showing you their, um, peacocks. But don't get her wrong: The whole idea, when writing the track, was to have fun with words. "Halfway through the record, I was saying to [the people I work with], 'Look I've got a lot of jewels, but I really don't have the crown. I really don't have that full-blown presentation,' " Perry recalled.

So what's a girl to do? Perry decided to hit the studio again and make magic happen. "I wanted to go in with [producer] Stargate and I finished off with a couple of songs. One song called [article id="1646332"]'Firework,'[/article] which is probably my favorite song off the record, like something I'm most proud of, and then a song called 'Peacock,' which is just like, it's like the world's biggest innuendo."

Well, it's a bit more than innuendo. Take away the "pea" and you have one of the song's most obvious references to male genitalia. "With me there are a lot of double entendres," she said. "There's a lot of puns. You know, when I learned how to write a song, the person that was kind of teaching me was an amazing songwriter, and he was like, 'Don't forget about the double entendres. Don't forget about the puns. Don't forget that one word can have two meanings.' So I'm always kind of looking for that one thing that's really normal that you can make twisted."

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