Scared To Break Up With Your Bae? This New Service Will Do It For You

'It's not you, it's me,' said a third party.

I once naively thought getting dumped on the phone while driving was the worst thing in the world. I had no idea how good I had it. Thanks to the new service Sorry It's Over, cowards can find their way out of relationships hassle-free -- as long as they're willing to pay for it.

That's right. The Australian website, created by Kristy Mazins, offers to make a special dumping delivery on your behalf. This way, you can get back to more important things like probably avoiding other uncomfortable situations you can't buy your way out of (yet).

The breakup menu starts with texts and emails priced much like appetizers at $5.50. Sending a representative to break up with your soon-to-be ex in person will run you $66. But the most expensive option at $90 is something called the Sympathy Hamper, which is basically a gift basket complete with wine, chocolates and ... snakes? For some inexplicable reason, the official website says (hopefully fake) snakes are part of the deal.

If you're concerned about your current relationship getting outsourced into oblivion, don't worry. Sorry It's Over is currently only available in Australia, but its growing popularity -- and all the wimps around the world -- may lead to its expansion.

Getting dumped this way has got to hurt, but consider it a reflection of the person's character. They're pretty much doing you a favor by calling things off in the most cowardly way possible. Plus there are plenty of other innovative services you can use to return the favor, like a glitter bomb or a fart in a jar. Isn't love grand?