Kanye West's 'Yeezus' 'Came To Life' In A 'Sacred Process'

Houston MC/producer Travis Scott tells MTV News he joined 'Ye in Paris 'super early' to help curate tracks like 'Black Skinhead.'

Kanye West called upstart Travis Scott to Paris early to work on the Chicago MC's much-anticipated Yeezus, a process the newbie calls a "turning point" for him.

Before "Yeezy Season" officially began, Travis Scott explained that the snippets he'd heard of Kanye West's Yeezus album were from the year 3,000. Now that the LP is complete and ready to drop, the Houston rapper/producer has shed some light on working with Kanye.

Scott is signed to T.I.'s Grand Hustle label but has done a substantial amount of work with 'Ye, getting co-production credit on multiple Yeezus tracks, including "Black Skinhead," "I Am a God" and "Guilt Trip."

"I went to Paris super early," Scott told MTV News of how he ended up on West's monster album. "At one point it was just me, Kanye and Noah [in the studio], and that's when he first introduced me to some of the [song] ideas. I was just around him a lot, especially for this album, curating sonics," he added. "It's like crazy memories."

The 21-year-old recalled hearing "Black Skinhead" twice in the span of about a week and being blown away by the changes that Kanye had made in so little time. "I was [in Paris] and I left and came back to the States to do the [mtvU] Woodie Awards. When I came back, he played me what changed in the next week, just new ideas and sh--, man, and 'Black Skinhead' was really coming to life. I was like, 'Man, I'm learning how to make an album; that sh-- is coming to life. It was like a turning point right there."

Thought Scott didn't want to give up too many details about the actual recording sessions, he continued to emphasize how meticulous West was while putting the project together. "Kanye works all the time. He's sacred to his process of working. He has his own work ethic and I'm on the same mental.

"I just heard the songs and added to [them]," Travis said of his contributions. "I was just giving my thoughts. Like I said, his process of working, it's ill, man. We [were just trying out] mad ideas and then whatever comes out, comes out.

This week, Scott released a new video for the single "Upper Echelon," which appears on his recent mixtape Owl Pharaoh. Stay tuned for more details on his upcoming projects.