Lady Gaga Explains Super Deluxe 'Fame Monster' Art, 3-D Glasses

Set with fan-produced art, exclusive photos and a lock from one of Gaga's wigs comes out December 15.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] has already released her new album, [article id="1626944"]The Fame Monster,[/article] but die-hards still have two weeks to save up for the [article id="1626134"]Super Deluxe Fame Monster Pack[/article], out December 15.

As a sign of devotion to her fans, the pack will include a lock of the singer's hair -- well, actually a lock from one of her wigs. It also comes loaded with photos and a pair of 3-D glasses that Gaga promises will come in handy "for things that will happen soon." Gaga turns the attention back to her followers by publishing some of the artwork they've sent to her. The whole thing is based on the old punk-rock DIY movement.

"Well, the inspiration behind that was fanzines from the punk era in New York," she explained to MTV News. "Again this was a label conversation, where I said, 'I don't want this to be an industry overview of my life. I want to be able to give a real look at what I've been through to my fans.' What inspired me was the fan art. I have thousands and thousands of paintings, drawings, sketches, fashion designs ... photography from my fans. I published it all in this book."

Gaga also decided to embrace her bad-girl image and include a photo taken of her in Moscow, where she had a near miss with Russian authorities.

"I was in my clothing from the show, which is not very different from what I'm wearing now," she said, explaining why the police confronted her. "But I didn't realize how conservative it was in Russia, because the nightclub I was in was not so conservative. And I got to Red Square, and then all of a sudden this police car pulled up, and we had to really get ourselves out of it. I had this photo [of the incident], and I decided not to show anybody, but I put it in the book."