One Direction's Macy's Commercial Proves Their Hair Looks Stupid On Everyone Else

One Direction in their Macy's Black Friday commercial.

Photo: Macy's YouTube Page

As you may recall, One Direction released their first fragrance, "Our Moment," last summer. (I remember this every morning as I spray all my clothing with the sweet nectar.) Well, the boys and Macy's have just released a NEW video for their Black Friday sale and, well, despite being only 30 seconds, it's very insightful. There's a lot to learn from this commercial.

The video opens with the members of 1D gathered around a perfume display case of "Our Moment" as they arrange the pink boxes. They're (once again!) coordinated in black, white, and red and, TBH, look comfortable working in retail. TANGENT: What if you walked into a store and someone who looked even slightly like Zayn Malik was helping you buy perfume? You would faint, and then, YOU'D GO BACK TO THAT STORE EVERY DAY. YOU'D BUY EVERY PERFUME EVER MADE. The actual members of One Direction better get out of Macy's before Black Friday, though, because they can't afford to have their faces trampled on.

Anyway, once they've pushed a few "Our Moment" boxes around, they're approached by Harold, another Macy's employee. Um, I'm not a professional commercial director or script writer (only on weekends), but since someone in the band is named Harry and is actually sometimes referred to as "Harold," I might have changed the Macy's employee's name to something like Greg. Or, IDK, Bob? Regardless, Macy's Harold then serves up a thorough lesson in just how terrible 1D hair looks when attached to a non-boy-band face. It's a real breakthrough. How these boys get away with abstract voluminous coifs on an every day basis is crazy. So much gel! So much hairspray!

Besides serving as proof that no one besides Liam, Niall, Zayn, and Louis themsevles should ever attempt to match these hairstyles, I hope Harry realizes that, actually, no one in the world should have his current style. Nope, not even Harry himself. YEA, I SAID IT. I mean, he had to say the words "Bro, that's my hairstyle" to SOMEONE WHOSE HAIR LOOKED LIKE THIS:

A still from One Direction's Macy's Black Friday commercial.

Photo: Macy's YouTube Page

It doesn't have to be this way, Harry. The great thing about hair is: it isn't permanent. So, remember when we wished for you to have a year of excellent hair days? We're still pulling for you, BB. There's still time.


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