Scarface Left Larry Wilmore Scratching His Head During This Baltimore Water Debate

'Face explains his stance on Baltimore's water issues.

Scarface had quite a memorable appearance on Comedy Central's "The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore" on Tuesday night.

Face was asked to comment on Baltimore's current water issue, where the city is sending shut-off notices to about 25,000 customers with long over-due bills, a decision that's caused a debate about water, wealth and rights.

"I kinda am mad about the water companies shutting off the water,” Scarface said. “But I know that me being mad and pissed off about the water company shutting off the water won’t make the water company turn the water back on. But it’s wrong. Hell yeah, it’s wrong.”

The Nightly Show

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‘Face went on to elaborate on his perspective with an analogy that left Wilmore scratching his head.

"You see a big hawk flying over a baby squirrel,” Scarface said. "That big hawk comes down and grabs the squirrel. Do you shoot the hawk off or let him eat the squirrel? Do you kill the squirrel or kill the hawk?”

Wilmore was puzzled by the analogy so, ‘Face continued.

"The water company got they own family to feed as do the people that need the water,” he said. "So are you gonna kill the water company?”

Yesterday, "Diary of a Man Man" was released. It's a book about Scarface's life written by 'Face and author Benjamin Meadows Ingram.