Listen To Jessie J, Rixton And Jhené Aiko’s Sassy New Jam ‘Sorry To Interrupt’

The unexpected trio gets it poppin' for Pop-Tarts.

Here’s a lineup you probably never thought you’d see collaborating on one track: big-voiced pop diva Jessie J, soulful R&B up-and-comer Jhené Aiko, and British boy band Rixton.

Yes, it’s a super odd trio, but you know what? It actually, miraculously, somehow works!

The three artists were commissioned by Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts to team up for an original song for their new “Crazy Good Summer” campaign. The result is the catchy, R&B/pop banger “Sorry To Interrupt,” which boasts production by the one and only DJ Mustard.

Jhené lays the groundwork first, with a sassy verse that includes the line “stay hungry, don’t fade away.” But don’t worry — that’s not a reference to her well-documented love of, uh, groceries. That would just be awkward (Pop-Tarts are for kids, people!).

Jessie slays the tell-off chorus as she always does, and that’s where the track takes an unexpected turn. How in the world would Rixton fit into this mix, you might ask? Turns out, frontman Jake Roche shocks in the second verse, oozing confidence and tying it all together with his strong, soulful vocals.

Bottom line: Don’t knock this track ’til you give it a shot.

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