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The Creepy Dummy From 'AHS: Freak Show' Is Still Hanging Out With Neil Patrick Harris

Marjorie and Chester have a bond that can’t be broken

There were lots of unsettling moments on American Horror Story: Freak Show, including Dandy's rampage, Twisty's depressing backstory, and that awful dad disfiguring his own daughter because she fell in love with a "freak." However, one of the freakiest freaks of all was Neil Patrick Harris's character Chester Creb, a ventriloquist who believed his dummy, Marjorie, was actually alive and making him do evil things.

Harris only appeared in two episodes of the show, but apparently, he ended up taking home quite the prop from set. Recently, Harris participated in Vogue's "73 Questions" video series, in which a person from Vogue hangs out with a celebrity, usually at his or her house, and asks them — you guessed it — 73 random questions in one continuous shot.



While most of us were marveling over the actual booth from How I Met Your Mother ("I stole it when we wrapped," Harris confessed), one fan spotted something on Harris's shelf that looked a tad too familiar to go unnoticed.

"Just watched Vogue's 73 Questions with @ActuallyNPH and I'm GAGGED!" Twitter user @iseewonderland wrote. "He has @AHSFX's Marjorie (@MsJamieBrewer) on his shelf 😭." Jamie Brewer, who voiced Marjorie, and played her during Chester's psychotic moments, liked and retweeted the observation.

Though the dummy isn't addressed in the video, you can check out Marjorie's cameo around the 0:54 mark.