These Photos Prove Beyonce And Solange Are Still Good After Jay Z Fight

Beyoncé says a thousand words with Instagram pictures of Solange.

There have been endless theories and speculation about what triggered Solange Knowles' attack on Jay Z in a hotel elevator, with many of them framing Bey's little sister is a very negative light. Seems like Beyoncé is getting a little weary of all the trash-talking, because on Wednesday morning (May 14) the 32-year-old star posted several photos of herself and her sister on Instagram -- all in a row.

Did Bey schedule these posts just in time to catch the morning news feeds and quiet the haters? Maybe.

Video footage of the incident first leaked on Monday, and since then Bey has only shared couples photos with Jay Z, or solo shots of herself. That didn't help to silence the memes about Solange going on the attack, but it looks like Beyoncé is finally making a statement in her own way. She shared four snaps, including a recent shot of her cameo during Solange's Coachella set.

Actually, Solange Didn’t Delete Beyonce From Her Instagram

In the aftermath of the fight, headlines began to circulate that Solange had erased Beyoncé from her own Instagram account, save for one single photo, but it turns out that wasn't true. A thorough combing of Solo's account found that Bey was still very much present.

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