Wu-Tang Discuss "Triumph" Video

SERENA: The Wu-Tang Clan spent about $800,000 and several weeks longer than expected to make "Triumph," the first video off their new double album "Wu-Tang Forever." But with its eye-catching, bee-swarming effects, it redefines the term "Buzz Clip." We asked the Clan how and why this elaborate video got to look the way it does.

RZA: This video is about a swarm of killer bees coming, like, you look at in the old days, they were always saying in the little news reports, there'll be a swarm of killer bees to hit America. You know what I'm sayin'? The Wu-Tang killer bees is here [1.2 MB QuickTime].

BRETT RATNER, Video Director: Raekwon came up with the concept and said "Could you put it on film?" I said "I'll try.

RAEKWON: It came from all of us, I was just one of the brothers that had the battery in me that night. And we were all enhancing our little thoughts.

RATNER: I was so excited about working

with them because each one is so charismatic and has his own personality.

INSPECTAH DECK: For my part, I'm supposed to be catching Ol' Dirty. Ol' Dirty is supposed to detonate a bomb off, and try to commit suicide or jump off a roof or something. I'm supposed to run down the side of a building. I'm playing the Spiderman part in the video [1.4 MB QuickTime]. I'm supposed to catch him, and then the bees come and take us on to the next episode.

METHOD MAN: I get to ride the bikes. That's all I'm there to do is ride the bikes.

RAEKWON: It's like if a little kid were to picture it, it would be like a big hype magazine, like a comic book or whatever -- with the bangingness in it though, that's all.

SERENA: The Wu-Tang Clan hits the road with Rage Against The Machine August 8th in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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