32 Hilarious Times The Whole Squad Looked Fresh To Death

Do you ever see a meme popping up all over and you find it v. LOL and want to participate in it/take it in before it becomes too ~mainstream~? That's how we feel about this "when the whole squad looking fresh" thang that is slowly, but surely, picking up steam on Twitter/Tumblr/all social media platforms that begin with T. MTV's Snapchat has even gotten in on it. The meme perfectly encapsulates the feeling when you and your crew all meet up and look fresh 2 death.

We scoured Twitter for the best examples, including the Harry Potter gang, One Direction, and more—peep 'em all below!

1. This One Direction version

2. This baby One Direction version

3. This Power Rangers version

4. This Power Rangers version at the mall

5. This version with British Power Rangers

6. This Monsters University version

7. This Miley Cyrus Bangerz version

8. This bb Harry Potter version

9. This Betty Spaghetty version

10. This Nirvana version

11. This Wiggles version

12. This American Horror Story: Freak Show version

13. This Cheetah Girls version

14. This Dodgeball version

15. This intimidating staircase of Furbies

16. This Rocket Power version

17. This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles version

18. This v. appropriate Hocus Pocus version

19. This Prancing Elites version

20. This Zoey 101 version

21. This Sponge Bob version

22. This Star Wars version

23. This Dragon Ball Z version

24. This Teletubbies version

25. This prairie dog version

26. This Fall Out Boy version

27. This sweater-wearing penguin version

28. This Proud Family version

29. This Squirtle squad version

30. This alien version

31. This Rugrats version

32. This Pacific Southwest Airlines version

And just because it's too cute and sad...

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