Yes, There's A Way You Can Get Kylie Jenner's Killer Cleavage With Just Tape

So THAT'S how she does it.

This weekend ruled for two main reasons: 1.) It was Father's Day (yay, dads!), and 2.) Kylie Jenner wore a dress so amazing, we're still talking about it three days later. Basically, King Kylie turned up to the Sugar Factory grand opening on Friday in a plunging Zhivago dress that really got people focused on her, um, assets.

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Kylie Jenner

Her cleavage looked so good, in fact, that some people claimed she got a boob job, (which, considering she's only 17, is a tad creepy), but Kylie took to SnapChat to shut down those rumors immediately.

She said, "To whoever thinks I have breast implants, there's a whole lot of tape in here holding these up," and then proceeded to show us exactly what she was talking about. We were incredibly amazed by this (as you are, I'm sure), so we took it a step further to see how to recreate this "look" for ourselves.

Turns out there's a whole plethora of bra tape videos just waiting for you to discover. Here's just a little taste.

Need a backless push-up bra?

Cool, grab some duct tape.

Heck, they even make something called "Breast Lift Tape."

Wow, v professional.

And, hey, why stop at your boobs?

You can duct tape literally anything, y'all.

Kylie Jenner's Snapchat


Judging by the placement of Kylie's tape, it seems pretty likely that the "X" shape she's working with is pulling her goodies both up and together for the ultimate cleavage situation. That, or it's magic. That also seems likely.

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