The Rock And G-Eazy Are Both New Friends And' Good At Eyebrows

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Sometimes, tour schedules and press junkets for new movies overlap, and stars of the stage and screen find themselves crossing paths in various cities. That's what brought Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and G-Eazy together, as the two bumped into each other for a quick hello — though Johnson didn't realize that he was meeting one of his fave musicians until a few hours after the fact.

Johnson is currently (and hilariously) celebrating the forthcoming release of Jumanji, which opens nationwide on December 20, and G-Eazy just put out his latest full-length, The Beautiful & Damned, on December 15. The two spoke about their respective projects when they met on the day of G-Eazy's album drop, but Johnson couldn't place him until he had a moment alone and realized that he just met the guy who supplies a hefty chunk of his workout soundtrack.

Later, via Instagram, Johnson made up for the snafu by gushing about G-Eazy's music, congratulating him on his latest, and sharing a photo that demonstrates just how dexterously the two dudes can lift an eyebrow with more drama than a three-act play.

"Appreciate your music man and thanks for keeping my workout sessions not only hard core but striking a chord to deeper layers," he wrote. Turns out Johnson's had this problem before, in that he's met super famous people and isn't super great at recognizing them: "I’m notorious for not realizing the celebrities I’m talking to.... once had a 15minute conversation with a dude who I swore was the lead singer in an R&B funk band only to be told the next day it was Barry Bonds."


Safe to say the next time Johnson finds himself backstage at a G-Eazy gig, he'll definitely recognize the rapper and that eyebrow that gives his own a run for its money.