Fugees Producer Predicts Group Reunion

By Kathy Iandoli

Check the weather to see if hell has frozen over. The Fugees may be reuniting.

That may sound quite ambitious for the Grammy Award winning trio, but it's something producer Jerry Duplessis feels is imminent. Duplessis, known to Refugee Camp fans as Jerry Wonda, was responsible for producing the greater whole of the Fugees’ The Score – the album that made the hip hop ensemble a household name.

“I believe there will be a day when the Fugees get together, but everyone in the group’s gotta be ready,” Jerry Wonda told “The Fugees are definitely going to get back together. The time will come. You’ve gotta wait, man.”

Wonda even tried to kickstart the reunion process on April Fools Day, by tweeting “BIG NEWS!!! What we’ve been waitin for!!!! @MsHillMvngTrgt @wyclef @prasmichel got offered $50 mill with @LiveNation!!” This of course was completely false. However, Jerry Wonda got a kick out of it and so did fans who have been waiting a decade and a half for that to officially happen.

“Possible Fugees reunion #win,” one fan @OliveaCouture entertains. “Fugees reunion ....#epic,” follows @J_DaSuperSaiyan.

In 2005, the Fugees released what could be called a street single these days, “Take It Easy”, leaving much to be desired. While a couple of other songs leaked, it was clear that the fusion between Wyclef Jean, Pras Michel and Lauryn Hill was lacking. Perhaps they were riding high off their reunion performance at the Dave Chapelle Block Party and hoping for something bigger, but fans weren’t pleased. The result was yet another “break-up”. “Not here for a Fugees reunion. I just don't care anymore. They'll make 1 song and break up again anyway. ‘Take It Easy’,” reminds @miriamwknc.

A few years later the group attempted some spot performances together, yet the buzz organically tapered off. In 2009, Wyclef spoke at a performance about wanting a reunion. “This group still sold 22 million copies and the reason I'll never go broke, I'm still living on they publishing check. See. So right here, Wyclef passing number one – and if Lauryn Hill is listening, get the group back together too!” Jean stated.

While the record-breaking group has a sordid history together, Jerry Wonda remains cautiously optimistic. However, not everyone is on board with those sentiments. “No offense but I don't think I, or anyone else really wants to see a Fugees reunion,” @Fortilive states. “They're not even on the same frequency anymore.”

@braindeadKeV adds, “Fugees reunion? I'll believe it when I see it.”

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